Unexpected Paths and New Beginnings

In almost 50 years of life I have learned that the paths I think I’ll be taking and the paths I find myself on are rarely the same. Rarely, as in, never.  I have also found a correlation between these diametrically opposite paths…they always lead to growth and new beginnings.

Case in point. In November of 2016 I found myself being laid off at my job. Having your boss walk in and instinctively knowing what is going to happen is the worst. An ugly cry was needed and mine did not disappoint. Gathering my few personal belongings and leaving felt like an end. In fact, I drove to Memorial park and walked the three mile loop crying because I knew I couldn’t drive all the way home. Little did I know this was just a new beginning.

After the shock wore off (a few weeks later) one question changed my path. The question was, “So now that you are looking for a job, what do you WANT to do?” I hadn’t really considered that I could actually change careers this late in life. The thought of that was too overwhelming and I continued my search for marketing positions. After several interviews I knew that path was no longer what I wanted.

I had several friends and family suggest real estate and the thought of that made me feel alive. That feeling had been lost in the responsibility of taking care of my children and the fear of trying something new. Kicking me out of a “safe” job was the only way for me to leave. I truly believe God did just that.

Never in a million years would I have risked going out on my own. Knowing myself as well as I do, I would have stayed where I was regardless of whether or not I enjoyed it. When you have three children depending on you things change. It no longer becomes what I want, but what needs to be done. My parents definitely taught me the importance of responsibility, a lesson that has served me well in life.

Anyway, after completing real estate classes I took and passed the exam in March. I studied like a crazy person, sometimes ten hours a day. It had been YEARS since I had studied something new and I was afraid my brain wouldn’t cooperate. But when I walked out of the testing center knowing I had passed I was thankful. Thankful not only for passing, but for the opportunity.

I know without a doubt God gave me this opportunity and in hindsight being laid off was a blessing. He obviously knew I wouldn’t have tried anything new unless I was forced to. What a good, good Father!

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