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Five Minute Friday – Wide

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
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There’s a wideness to open places. Open places of beauty void of traffic noises and powerlines and homework and papers to sign and fundraisers to complete and emails and smartphones and FaceBook and messy houses and… sigh.

Something about being out in wide open places takes my heart back to a place of peace. The calm that comes is expected and yet surprising with each moment gift. A gift that is not taken for granted and is offered up as thanks to a Creator who paints beautiful pictures with each passing day.

Ironically, it is also there in the midst of all the noise and the daily routine of life but often my heart is not on the beauty but on the mundane. And it gets lost in the noise… the wideness. It’s lost. I’m lost.

In the wide open spaces, though, I see it clearly. I see love and passion and care and a deep longing for a relationship. Relationship with a people He created. A relationship I too often neglect as I go through life.

And so I visit a wide open place… and my heart is once again at peace. All seems right and well.

That is God’s love. Wide.