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Five Minute Friday – Song

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She snuggles close, her breathing soft and quiet. I breathe deep her smell. We all have one and hers makes my heart sing. Her tiny frame is down at the end of the bed with space enough at the top for someone else. Her unique personality even shines when she sleeps. Oh how my hearts bursts as I watch her as only a Mother’s heart will do.  There’s something about watching your child sleep. Peace. Calm.

This girl, my baby, was unexpected. Tears fell as I gazed at that stick. My world interrupted in one small second of time. And yet… this was God’s plan all along. I did not know at the time how one small person could change my life. But He did.

As my heart sings I am reminded that my Heavenly Father perfectly formed and crafted this sweet little person. Someone that would bring me more joy than I ever thought possible. Her hugs and smiles and little “I love you” notes melt me every time. That personality… so unique and bubbly.

My heart swells and I am reminded, once again, that my Father can be trusted. Even when  it doesn’t seem like things are going “according to plan” or “right”… He can be trusted. His heart for me is good. Always for my good. Always.

She wakes and smiles. And my heart starts the day with a song.