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Five Minute Friday: Crowd


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Today’s prompt: CROWD

I so love the idea of being places where there are lots of people. Festivals, celebrations, shows, etc. Somehow it creates in me a feeling of belonging. That I’m somehow included and not left out. Being left out, or the feeling of it, is awful.

The problem is… I don’t like to be in crowds. In fact, my kids have never been to a theme park because of that fact. It was quite evident the morning my oldest was playing a game at church. The youth pastor said two things and the kids had to decide which side they were on and run to it. Everything was going fine until he said “SeaWorld or Six Flags”. My daughter stood alone in the middle. She didn’t know what either one was and ended up shrugging her shoulders and running to a side.

I went to Disney once (ONCE) and didn’t like it. (I know. The Disney fans just fainted.) It was not the happiest place on earth for me. There were too many people. Too much waiting. Too many long lines with sweaty people. It.was.too.much.

I’m more of an explore as you go person. I love climbing the side of a mountain, hiking through the woods, fishing in a lake, etc. Activities that actually allow my brain to rest and my heart to hear. To experience new things and spaces.

I do brave crowds occasionally, but they are not my favorite.

Five Minute Friday – Rest

5-minute-friday-11. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. (OK, I have to edit, I just do.) 2. Link back here and invite others to join in. 3. Then visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments.

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chairSpring Break finally arrived. That stretch between Christmas and Spring Break can literally break a Mom. The homework, projects, performances, laundry, dinners, sports, etc. is enough to squeeze the rest out of anyone. Including me, apparently.

I did not have plans for the kids and I to go away. Never even crossed my mind. Most spring break vacations I work and had planned to do the same this year. Literally the week before break I felt like I was breaking… which meant I needed some rest. And not just rest alone, but rest as in fun with my children. We needed to reconnect and build family memories that no one can take away. Not even stress or school or life with all its craziness.

So after deciding on the hill country the plans began. The kids were excited and although I was too, I was in the middle of planning a birthday party for my oldest.

Once the party was over and we had attended two other birthday parties it was time to start packing and heading out. It hindsight it would seem that going out of town would not be restful, but just more work. It wasn’t. It was just what I needed it to be – a time away from the routine of life. A time to laugh and play with my children. Cell phone coverage was minimal and I couldn’t get online with my laptop. A blessing.

I looked at a starry sky and watched a sunset. I talked to the kids about God’s goodness and his creativity in nature as we explored caves, had fun on the water, and fished near the lake. True rest. Rest that says nothing else matters except for enjoying what God has given me.

When we returned I was content and refreshed.

Now… to get that laundry done.