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Clearing out the webs

cobwebsAfter dropping my kids off at school, I decided to do a few things around the house before leaving for work. I knew if I left at 8 I would be sitting in traffic for an hour, but if I just waited 30 minutes at home it would only take me 30 minutes to get to work. Easy decision.

As I walked into the garage to go inside the house, I noticed all the spider webs that were in my garage…again. Over the past few months I’ve started noticing them, but never took the time to actually do something about them. Yeah, they kinda bothered me, but something else always took priority and months turned into…ahem…years. October is probably the only acceptable time to have so many, being Halloween and all, but I was determined to get them cleared out.

When I was done, I looked around and felt a kind of peace. Like somehow I had accomplished some great task. Not because there were really that many (and no, the picture is not my garage….but it makes me feel a bit better about mine;) ), but because I knew they were there and I wanted them gone. Every time I walked in, it was a reminder of something else that needed to be done. A little weight.

I’ve started doing the same thing in my life. The cobwebs being things I’ve said and/or done that went against what I believe. The not so good things. Times I’ve reacted out of my emotion, instead of out of maturity. Clearing those out has proven to be the same as the real things – peaceful. Free. Some were five years in the making, but they are slowly being cleared out. I do have a few that will probably stay awhile longer, but I’m praying about how to handle those. Each one adds a weight, albeit mental, that is noticeable once gone. It amazes me the energy it takes to keep those things around.