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Letter to My Dad on Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day!! Praying your day is FILLED with blessings upon blessings. That although you are normally the GIVER, that today you’ll be the one given to.

As any daughter does, I watched you growing up. I watched how you treated Mom. I watched how you treated others. The ways you volunteered your time. The ways you gave financially. The ways you handled stress and difficult circumstances. The way you handled us, as kids.

And now that I’m older I still watch. I see how you extend a hand of forgiveness to the one that hurt me most. I see how you give and support and love my kids… and myself. I see you give of your time to others. To the church. To your friends. To your family. I see you love Mom in ways that Christ loves the church.

We all make mistakes along the way, but I’ve watched you ask for forgiveness and move on. I’ve watched you cry. I’ve watched you laugh. I’ve watched you reading your bible. I’ve heard some of your prayers. I’ve listened to what you believe and why you believe it.

And now, more than ever, I love you! I love you for ALL OF IT! All of the living you’ve done in front of me so that I can know what it means to live Christ-like. It’s not perfect but it’s gentle, strong, kind, loving, patient, self-controlled, joyful, peaceful, and faithful. The fruits of the Spirit are so evident in your life. No one who meets you would not know that you were a Christian. And more than anything else, I love you for that.

Thank you for being a Godly parent and role-model. For being my hero when I needed one in the flesh.

I love you so very much!!!


Five Minute Friday – Song

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She snuggles close, her breathing soft and quiet. I breathe deep her smell. We all have one and hers makes my heart sing. Her tiny frame is down at the end of the bed with space enough at the top for someone else. Her unique personality even shines when she sleeps. Oh how my hearts bursts as I watch her as only a Mother’s heart will do.  There’s something about watching your child sleep. Peace. Calm.

This girl, my baby, was unexpected. Tears fell as I gazed at that stick. My world interrupted in one small second of time. And yet… this was God’s plan all along. I did not know at the time how one small person could change my life. But He did.

As my heart sings I am reminded that my Heavenly Father perfectly formed and crafted this sweet little person. Someone that would bring me more joy than I ever thought possible. Her hugs and smiles and little “I love you” notes melt me every time. That personality… so unique and bubbly.

My heart swells and I am reminded, once again, that my Father can be trusted. Even when  it doesn’t seem like things are going “according to plan” or “right”… He can be trusted. His heart for me is good. Always for my good. Always.

She wakes and smiles. And my heart starts the day with a song.

Three Years

Three years. Just typing that brings me to tears. Three years ago today (1-22) I thought my life was over and in a way it was. The life that I knew anyway. It was devastating and haunting and the most painful thing I’ve ever suffered on earth thus far. Everything was dark and lonely and sad. I could not see anything but pain and my mind only went to dark places that I didn’t seem to be able to control. I could not hear anything but loss and grief. The sounds that came out of me are not sounds I ever want to hear again. Sounds of intense emotion and horror. Everywhere I went I felt like a neon sign – like everyone was starring at me… wondering. Wondering what I was doing, what I was thinking, how was I managing, etc. The stares were the worst. I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Seriously.

Three years. It’s amazing what God has brought about in those three years. He has blessed me with true friendships. Friendships that stood the fire. Those that allowed me to grieve and didn’t judge. New friendships that were born in adversity. Cherished friends who know me deeply and love me anyway. Oh how I love these people. People that God put in my path just when I needed them. They were the reason my children were fed and loved because Lord knows I could not do that for them. Family that supported me and held me and let me love in spite of the hurt. And still does. And continue to accept me with my hair color changes 😉 A job that I love. Working with people who inspire me and stretch me and make me laugh. Vacations and trips that romanced my adventurer’s heart. Destinations with my kids so they could see God’s beauty. So I could be reminded that there really was still beauty. All blessings from a Heavenly Father that did not forget me or my children.

Three years. It’s exciting, really. Exciting to think about the next three years and all that those years may bring. Whether blessing or loss, I know that my Father will be at my side. He walked with me through some very dark places and kept me from getting lost. In fact, He knew exactly where we were going all along. A place of contentment, peace, and joy that alluded me for years.

Three years.