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Even with Messy Hair

IMG_2312It’s the day most kids dread (even though they wake up early and excited), along with some parents (although I have seen posts about the excited parents who now have a quiet house). The day that ends the long summer nights of late night movies and fishing and games and whispers in the dark.  Nights filled with only plans of fun the following day. No regard for schedules or lunches or stacks of papers.  Or best of all…no plans. Sleeping until noon, without a care in the world.

The first day of school.

It’s the day that begins the alarm setting. The schedules. The lunches. The early bedtimes. The *extra* prayers for safety and wisdom. The dreaded homework hour. There’s really no stress quite as great.  It’s the time many families recommit to eating more meals together.  Eating healthier, or in my case, actually cooking. Like with pots and pans and other stuff.  Hmm… I wonder if I still have those? Fortunately, tonight is “build your own sandwich” night. Crisis averted.

It’s also the time parents try their best to keep up with the laundry, because wearing dirty clothes in the summer is acceptable (well, in our house anyway), but wearing them to school is not. Unless it’s the end of the year and well… there’s lots of grace at that time from everyone. Thankfully. Because sometimes kids show up with un-brushed hair and teeth and breakfast on shirts. Or so I’ve heard. 😉

Funny how one day can make such huge changes in so many lives.  It’s kind of like a do-over from all the things that didn’t go well in the previous year.  The anticipation that things can be great. The hope. The newness of it all.

It reminds me of my journey as a Christian.

There’s something about being granted a do-over. An opportunity to admit what didn’t work. That just maybe I was…ahem…wrong. An opportunity to forgive or be forgiven. Forgiving myself and moving on is one of the most difficult things for me right now. Maybe because I’ve royally messed up lots lately. I’m blaming it on pre-menopause, except I’m really not old enough for that. Right?? Don’t even.

Forgiving others comes unusually easy for me, for the most part. Forgiving myself? Not so much. I allow others to be human, just not myself. My mistake will replay like a horror movie over and over and over…and over. Ugh. I have to remind myself of my Father who absolutely ADORES me… mistakes and all. Even when I lose my temper or act like an adolescent wanting her way. When my hair is not brushed, my clothes are dirty, and my teeth are not clean. He still looks at me with love and compassion. Sees past ALL of it.

I’m so thankful for a God who loves me, regardless.

A God that sees beyond the messiness.

Lighten Up!

laughIt’s funny how certain things from childhood are burned in my memory, while others are forgotten. I’ve had several friends begin with, “Remember when…” Rarely do I remember what they remember.

The biggest chunk of time that I’ve forgotten is Junior High. Not for the reasons you may think, because from what I do remember, I enjoyed Junior High (minus a few things). I had incredible teachers (well, except a few), great friends, loved the new “freedom” from elementary lines and bathroom passes, and did well academically. I just don’t remember many of the specific things my friends remember.

I do remember, though, it was the first time I realized that people are not invincible. That life does end here on earth. Hard lesson then, hard lesson now. My best friend, who lived across the street from me, was killed in a plane accident, along with most of her family. I do remember that moment changing life for me. From then on, life was pretty serious. We had planned to try out for cheerleader together. When she died, I decided it wouldn’t be right for me to try out without her. Almost as if it was not OK to have fun again, because I knew she couldn’t. I did eventually have fun and learn to laugh and play again, but mainly when I was with someone who would help me “lighten up”.

That’s probably why I enjoy friends who can help me laugh. I absolutely LOVE fun and trying new things and playing. But the problem is letting go of the responsible/serious side of me long enough to actually do those things. I often refer to myself as “Summer Mom” when I do lighten up and enjoy life. I’m typically more relaxed during the summer and can let things go easier than I can during the school year when the pressures of schedules, homework, etc. take over. I like myself so much more in the summer and often wish I could carry it over into the school year. It hasn’t happened yet, but it could. Maybe. Right?

I was reminded, once again, that life is oh so precious…and short. A sweet friend lost his dad last week. My heart breaks for him and his family. He posted, “You always think there is more time. All we have is this moment. Do it now.” He’s right.

His post has encouraged me to work on living in the moment. To take each day and try to do at least one thing that either makes my life better or someone else’s.  Even if the other person never finds out. To get out of my daily routine long enough to experience life differently. To “do it now”.

Sunday night I did just that. The Sunday evening when my kids leave for the week is often a hard one. It’s one of the few times I still  battle loneliness. The rest of the week I’m fine, it’s just beginning the week without them leaves me feeling empty. Not this week. I decided to go out with a friend and we tried a new restaurant. The food was excellent, but the company was what made the night. We laughed. And sometimes you just need to get out and laugh.

Yes, life can be serious. Choices are made, people disappoint, expectations aren’t met, you get one of “those calls”, etc. So many things happen that are out of your control, but learning to laugh in-spite of it all can help to lighten the serious part of life. For a moment or two, anyway.

So that’s my challenge to you. Decide what and who is important in your life. Choose ONE thing you can do TODAY that would over-ride your normal routine. Break out and do something different. You never know what could happen.

You may actually laugh…and enjoy it.

Five Minute Friday: CHOOSE


Welcome to FIVE MINUTE FRIDAYS with Lisa Jo Baker!

About 5 Minute Fridays:
1. Write for 5 minutes flat. No editing. No backtracking. No over thinking. (OK, maybe just a little.)
2. Link back to Lisa Jo’s site: LisaJoBaker.com
3. Visit the person before you and leave a comment to encourage them.

Today’s prompt: CHOOSE

Today I choose.

Choose to reflect on the blessings in my life.

Choose to let go (again).

Choose to see that where I am is where I am supposed to be.

Choose to live in freedom.

Choose to accept the fact that I could not be the person I am today without all the things that happened before today.

Choose to see myself as God sees me, not how others see me.

Choose to make decisions that are healthy for me.

So many times I look at the choices I’ve made, or others have made, in relation to where I am today.

I read so many great quotes about living in the moment, cherishing the time I have now, etc. and they sound so great. And they make me feel good…for the moment I read them, or maybe a few more. But then life happens and stress attempts to swallow me and I’m back to looking at my choices. My day runs through my head at the end of the day about the choices made – good or bad. It’s like a movie that won’t stop. Especially when, in my opinion, there was a “bad” choice made that day. Often, I’m replaying the SAME conversation/decision over and over in my brain. It’s exhausting. Melatonin is a welcomed friend at that point.

But today I choose to accept the choices I’ve made thus far in my journey on earth. I choose to move forward in anticipation of what comes next while enjoying the blessings I have today.

Today I choose joy. Not happiness, but true joy.