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Lighten Up!

laughIt’s funny how certain things from childhood are burned in my memory, while others are forgotten. I’ve had several friends begin with, “Remember when…” Rarely do I remember what they remember.

The biggest chunk of time that I’ve forgotten is Junior High. Not for the reasons you may think, because from what I do remember, I enjoyed Junior High (minus a few things). I had incredible teachers (well, except a few), great friends, loved the new “freedom” from elementary lines and bathroom passes, and did well academically. I just don’t remember many of the specific things my friends remember.

I do remember, though, it was the first time I realized that people are not invincible. That life does end here on earth. Hard lesson then, hard lesson now. My best friend, who lived across the street from me, was killed in a plane accident, along with most of her family. I do remember that moment changing life for me. From then on, life was pretty serious. We had planned to try out for cheerleader together. When she died, I decided it wouldn’t be right for me to try out without her. Almost as if it was not OK to have fun again, because I knew she couldn’t. I did eventually have fun and learn to laugh and play again, but mainly when I was with someone who would help me “lighten up”.

That’s probably why I enjoy friends who can help me laugh. I absolutely LOVE fun and trying new things and playing. But the problem is letting go of the responsible/serious side of me long enough to actually do those things. I often refer to myself as “Summer Mom” when I do lighten up and enjoy life. I’m typically more relaxed during the summer and can let things go easier than I can during the school year when the pressures of schedules, homework, etc. take over. I like myself so much more in the summer and often wish I could carry it over into the school year. It hasn’t happened yet, but it could. Maybe. Right?

I was reminded, once again, that life is oh so precious…and short. A sweet friend lost his dad last week. My heart breaks for him and his family. He posted, “You always think there is more time. All we have is this moment. Do it now.” He’s right.

His post has encouraged me to work on living in the moment. To take each day and try to do at least one thing that either makes my life better or someone else’s.  Even if the other person never finds out. To get out of my daily routine long enough to experience life differently. To “do it now”.

Sunday night I did just that. The Sunday evening when my kids leave for the week is often a hard one. It’s one of the few times I still  battle loneliness. The rest of the week I’m fine, it’s just beginning the week without them leaves me feeling empty. Not this week. I decided to go out with a friend and we tried a new restaurant. The food was excellent, but the company was what made the night. We laughed. And sometimes you just need to get out and laugh.

Yes, life can be serious. Choices are made, people disappoint, expectations aren’t met, you get one of “those calls”, etc. So many things happen that are out of your control, but learning to laugh in-spite of it all can help to lighten the serious part of life. For a moment or two, anyway.

So that’s my challenge to you. Decide what and who is important in your life. Choose ONE thing you can do TODAY that would over-ride your normal routine. Break out and do something different. You never know what could happen.

You may actually laugh…and enjoy it.

Five Minute Friday – Rest

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chairSpring Break finally arrived. That stretch between Christmas and Spring Break can literally break a Mom. The homework, projects, performances, laundry, dinners, sports, etc. is enough to squeeze the rest out of anyone. Including me, apparently.

I did not have plans for the kids and I to go away. Never even crossed my mind. Most spring break vacations I work and had planned to do the same this year. Literally the week before break I felt like I was breaking… which meant I needed some rest. And not just rest alone, but rest as in fun with my children. We needed to reconnect and build family memories that no one can take away. Not even stress or school or life with all its craziness.

So after deciding on the hill country the plans began. The kids were excited and although I was too, I was in the middle of planning a birthday party for my oldest.

Once the party was over and we had attended two other birthday parties it was time to start packing and heading out. It hindsight it would seem that going out of town would not be restful, but just more work. It wasn’t. It was just what I needed it to be – a time away from the routine of life. A time to laugh and play with my children. Cell phone coverage was minimal and I couldn’t get online with my laptop. A blessing.

I looked at a starry sky and watched a sunset. I talked to the kids about God’s goodness and his creativity in nature as we explored caves, had fun on the water, and fished near the lake. True rest. Rest that says nothing else matters except for enjoying what God has given me.

When we returned I was content and refreshed.

Now… to get that laundry done.


You know it’s time to…

You know it’s time to…

1. Clean your floors when your feet stick to them and are black after walking from your bathroom to the kitchen.
2. Buy milk when you’re secretly adding more and more water (when it’s already skim) to stretch it farther.
3. Roll down your windows and sing the loudest you can when the weather finally dips below 90.
4. Clean the bathtub when green stuff starts growing.
5. Take a shower when the funky smell you keep smelling all day on others ends up following you home.
6. To exercise when you feel like you’re gonna die after jogging one mile when that used to be a short run.
7.  Watch what you eat when you make cookie dough four nights in a row and end up eating ALL the batter yourself with no cookies to show for it.
8. Visit a Chinese man at the mall when every muscle in your body hurts.
9. Pop some bubble wrap when homework drama begins.
10. Start over when… all the stuff you’ve tried has not worked.