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Is God Still Good?

There are moments that sneak up on me when I’m least suspecting them. Moments that remind me of what has been lost, of changed dreams, and of sadness.

Moments like…

  • Seeing an elderly couple having dinner together.
  • Reading love stories that are oh so familiar, yet end quite differently.
  • Having a 15 year anniversary pass by without celebration.
  • Redoing a will and life insurance. Alone.
  • Missing the feeling of holding someone’s hand.
  • Watching a couple exchange an inside joke.

Yes, I know I am blessed. I am surrounded by people who love me and I do not take that for granted. But in all honesty, there are days where sadness wells up inside me and I go through the entire day with a lump in my throat. Days when the “moments” happen more than once and I can’t usher them to the back of my brain.

As much as it hurts I know it’s all part of the process. The process of letting go and healing. Something I’m not too particularly fond of because I have to feel and move and continue with life.

Am I OK? Absolutely. Do I hurt? Absolutely. Is God still good? Absolutely.