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The Empty Jar

photo (2)I have so many things to be thankful for. I am blessed beyond what I should be (that’s grace for ya!) and there are days the remembrances of blessings past and present overwhelm my human heart.

One of those blessings is my empty jar. Yes, a jar. The CEO of the company I work for asked me once if I liked pesto. Um, yeah… doesn’t everyone? Anyway, the next day he brought me pesto in a jar. That night I made the BEST shrimp dish EVER with it – shrimp, pesto, avacado, tomato, goat cheese, onions. His pesto has nuts in it, which I love. It gives the pesto such a different flavor. I sent him a picture of my dish because I loved it that much. Taking pictures of food is not my thing. I ended up deleting my instagram account because most of the pictures were of food. Don’t get me wrong. I love food. To a fault. I just don’t want to look at pictures of food all the time. But that’s just me.

Anyway, back to my jar. When my jar was empty I washed it to return the following day. When I gave it back, the CEO informed me that anytime I brought it back he’d fill it with something. Just because he loves doing it. WHAT? Heck ya!

So today I arrived at work to find that my jar was filled with home-made hummus. It was sitting in the refrigerator with my name on it. How great is that?? Pretty great. Definitely a great way to begin a long work day.

My jar reminds me, too, that so often we feel sheepish returning “empty” to our Father for him to fill us up. But we shouldn’t. He LOVES us and LOVES doing it FOR us. The coming, the washing, the talking, the filling up… all of it. He doesn’t turn us away EVER because of the crusty old stuff left-over from whatever life left on us. He simply washes it, fills it with something good and returns it FILLED. Filled with GOOD stuff. No traces of the old. How great is that? Amazing, really. A miracle.

So sometimes you may get pesto and sometimes you may get hummus. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be good.

Because our Heavenly Father is good.

Is God Still Good?

There are moments that sneak up on me when I’m least suspecting them. Moments that remind me of what has been lost, of changed dreams, and of sadness.

Moments like…

  • Seeing an elderly couple having dinner together.
  • Reading love stories that are oh so familiar, yet end quite differently.
  • Having a 15 year anniversary pass by without celebration.
  • Redoing a will and life insurance. Alone.
  • Missing the feeling of holding someone’s hand.
  • Watching a couple exchange an inside joke.

Yes, I know I am blessed. I am surrounded by people who love me and I do not take that for granted. But in all honesty, there are days where sadness wells up inside me and I go through the entire day with a lump in my throat. Days when the “moments” happen more than once and I can’t usher them to the back of my brain.

As much as it hurts I know it’s all part of the process. The process of letting go and healing. Something I’m not too particularly fond of because I have to feel and move and continue with life.

Am I OK? Absolutely. Do I hurt? Absolutely. Is God still good? Absolutely.