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Something About A Girl

brookeYou see a girl. A girl who is quirky and funny and sassy. A girl who wears far too many bracelets but loves each and every one the same. Each with a story. And a smell. Ewww. HA!

A girl whose smile will steal your heart. One who lights up a room. One who does not meet a stranger and will play with anyone. Anywhere. And will call you her friend.

A girl who calls herself a tomboy yet loves to wear makeup and fingernail polish and shiny things. But her favorite color is blue so yes, to her she’s a tomboy. She does know how to hold her own when playing with boys. And seems to enjoy them as much as girls. No discrimination in her world.

A girl whose love language is touch and quality time. Her hugs can change the course of a day. Having her snuggled up to you is like a little piece of heaven. She’s my lovebug.

A girl who goes through life singing a song. Makes up a song if one doesn’t go with her day. Happy to share her song with those around her.

When I see her, though, I see a miracle. A blessing. A gift I didn’t even know I wanted… until she arrived. The pregnancy was unexpected and many tears were shed. Life sort of stood still for awhile. And then her blue eyes met my green ones and life changed… for the better.

Happy Birthday to my New Year’s Eve baby! She continues to be the PERFECT gift. :)

And then God Gave A Girl a Shop Vac

photoOnce upon a time there was a girl, let’s call her Sheila. She had a bad habit of vacuuming her front porch. And sometimes her garage. Yes, she owned a broom, but she thought it was silly to waste all that effort when she could just suck up all the stuff and be done with it. So that’s what she did. More than once.

Then one day her vacuum got stopped up and so she had to take it to the vacuum doctor. Once it was fixed Sheila went to pick up her “well” vacuum cleaner. The man at the shop asked if she had ever vacuumed up leaves and being the honest girl she was, she looked him straight into his eyes and said no. He then said, “Strange, because the reason it was stopped up is because there were leaves stuck in the hose. I was going to suggest that they make vacuums for cleaning up outdoors called shop vacs.” Sheila sheepishly thanked the man and walked out. She made a mental note to never go to that particular shop again. And she hasn’t.

Years went by and as much as she tried she could not help but vacuum the outdoors because she had not purchased a shop vac. Every time she vacuumed she remembered that she wanted one but could never remember when a birthday or Christmas rolled around because honestly, who has shop vac on their wish list. Seriously.

One evening friends stopped by to donate items for an upcoming garage sale. Sheila helped stack everything and thanked her friends for the donations.

A month passed and the girl decided to rearrange her garage and when doing so, found the shop vac. It had been donated by her friends for the sale. In fact, they had encouraged her to keep anything she thought she could use. They could not have known her desire for a shop vac (because who tells others how much they want one) so she knew immediately that it was a gift from her Heavenly Father.

In her excitement she not only vacuumed her front porch, her garage, her car, but also her driveway. There was nothing beyond the reach of the gift.

Sheila was reminded, once again, how much she is loved. All it took was a shop vac.

The End.

The moral of the story: don’t lie. The second moral: God loves you even if you do.
*Lesson for the girl – don’t empty a shop vac bucket in a wind storm unless you’re wearing a face mask and have taken allergy medicine.