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It’s Official

KW5549-106F17webOn March 28th I became an active licensed realtor and joined the Keller Williams Premier Realty office. Starting a new endeavor has been overwhelming and adventurous but I am enjoying the ride. The people I have met have been extremely encouraging, helpful, kind and patient. I could not have chosen a better place to start my real estate career!

Everything about Keller Williams is executed with excellence and my first week has exceeded my expectations.

Their mission is…

To exceed our customer/client expectations while increasing the growth and profitability of our associates and company by promoting success through: community service, consulting, ethics, recruiting, teamwork, technology, and training. Thereby resulting in careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.

I can say that for the short time I have been a part of this amazing company they definitely operate each day with their mission in mind. I already feel right at home.

Five Minute Friday: Crowd


Welcome to FIVE MINUTE FRIDAYS with Lisa Jo Baker!

About 5 Minute Fridays:
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Today’s prompt: CROWD

I so love the idea of being places where there are lots of people. Festivals, celebrations, shows, etc. Somehow it creates in me a feeling of belonging. That I’m somehow included and not left out. Being left out, or the feeling of it, is awful.

The problem is… I don’t like to be in crowds. In fact, my kids have never been to a theme park because of that fact. It was quite evident the morning my oldest was playing a game at church. The youth pastor said two things and the kids had to decide which side they were on and run to it. Everything was going fine until he said “SeaWorld or Six Flags”. My daughter stood alone in the middle. She didn’t know what either one was and ended up shrugging her shoulders and running to a side.

I went to Disney once (ONCE) and didn’t like it. (I know. The Disney fans just fainted.) It was not the happiest place on earth for me. There were too many people. Too much waiting. Too many long lines with sweaty people. It.was.too.much.

I’m more of an explore as you go person. I love climbing the side of a mountain, hiking through the woods, fishing in a lake, etc. Activities that actually allow my brain to rest and my heart to hear. To experience new things and spaces.

I do brave crowds occasionally, but they are not my favorite.

Adventure Is Out There

coloradoSo the first kiss started quite the adventure. (To get caught up go here first and then read up, as the last post was the first. Get it? There… now read on.)

I cannot even count the number of times *Justin and I were up late just talking. I loved talking with him. I loved learning about his life, his goals, his dreams. He had big dreams and I loved that about him.

He was also rugged and spontaneous, two traits that I happen to find extremely attractive. My favorite memories of our years of dating are the times he’d call when I got off work and tell me to pack a bag. He had a tent and would pack up a few necessities and we’d be off for the weekend to explore God’s creation together.

Hiking, fishing, boating, biking, exploring, camping… right up my alley. He would build a fire and we would sit next to it while he played his guitar and sang. *heart melted* We were under the stars and it felt like nothing would ever separate us. I mean, we were BEST friends. I told him everything and he did the same. The more I knew about him, the more I loved him.

Our adventures took us all over… from Galveston’s beach to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. We were travelers who loved the getting there part as much as the actual destination. Never once did we have an itinerary. I’m not that kind of traveler and fortunately he wasn’t either. We would stop when we wanted, stay where we wanted, and just keep driving if we were so inclined. No schedules, no rules.

Our adventurous spirits met up during those years. I have pictures in albums and memories in my heart. The only things left of those years. I miss having an adventurous friend that will pick up and head out to explore with me. Someone who shares my love of traveling without rules and schedules and deadlines, etc. Why go on an adventure if you have a time frame? The best things are found by accident.

But to be honest, I miss my best friend. He knows me better than anyone on the planet… or did. Not so much anymore, but I do miss it. It’s a by-product of divorce no one talks about. The emptiness. The void. The hole that’s left when your best friend is gone.