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Something About A Girl

brookeYou see a girl. A girl who is quirky and funny and sassy. A girl who wears far too many bracelets but loves each and every one the same. Each with a story. And a smell. Ewww. HA!

A girl whose smile will steal your heart. One who lights up a room. One who does not meet a stranger and will play with anyone. Anywhere. And will call you her friend.

A girl who calls herself a tomboy yet loves to wear makeup and fingernail polish and shiny things. But her favorite color is blue so yes, to her she’s a tomboy. She does know how to hold her own when playing with boys. And seems to enjoy them as much as girls. No discrimination in her world.

A girl whose love language is touch and quality time. Her hugs can change the course of a day. Having her snuggled up to you is like a little piece of heaven. She’s my lovebug.

A girl who goes through life singing a song. Makes up a song if one doesn’t go with her day. Happy to share her song with those around her.

When I see her, though, I see a miracle. A blessing. A gift I didn’t even know I wanted… until she arrived. The pregnancy was unexpected and many tears were shed. Life sort of stood still for awhile. And then her blue eyes met my green ones and life changed… for the better.

Happy Birthday to my New Year’s Eve baby! She continues to be the PERFECT gift. :)

Five Minute Friday – Rest

5-minute-friday-11. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. (OK, I have to edit, I just do.) 2. Link back here and invite others to join in. 3. Then visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments.

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chairSpring Break finally arrived. That stretch between Christmas and Spring Break can literally break a Mom. The homework, projects, performances, laundry, dinners, sports, etc. is enough to squeeze the rest out of anyone. Including me, apparently.

I did not have plans for the kids and I to go away. Never even crossed my mind. Most spring break vacations I work and had planned to do the same this year. Literally the week before break I felt like I was breaking… which meant I needed some rest. And not just rest alone, but rest as in fun with my children. We needed to reconnect and build family memories that no one can take away. Not even stress or school or life with all its craziness.

So after deciding on the hill country the plans began. The kids were excited and although I was too, I was in the middle of planning a birthday party for my oldest.

Once the party was over and we had attended two other birthday parties it was time to start packing and heading out. It hindsight it would seem that going out of town would not be restful, but just more work. It wasn’t. It was just what I needed it to be – a time away from the routine of life. A time to laugh and play with my children. Cell phone coverage was minimal and I couldn’t get online with my laptop. A blessing.

I looked at a starry sky and watched a sunset. I talked to the kids about God’s goodness and his creativity in nature as we explored caves, had fun on the water, and fished near the lake. True rest. Rest that says nothing else matters except for enjoying what God has given me.

When we returned I was content and refreshed.

Now… to get that laundry done.


Five Minute Friday – Again

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. (OK, I have to edit, I just do.)
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Then visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments.

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Awake. It’s early but I’m on a mission. There are things to be done for this day. Special things that do not happen every day; in fact, only once per year. My mind traces back over the past ten years. TEN! How did ten years pass when my mind is so clear about the exact moment our family changed? I can’t even recall what happened yesterday. But ten years ago? Clear.

Butterflies in my stomach. They were there ten years ago and they are here now. Here, because I anticipate the dimpled grin that will await me. The sweet kisses that I’ve enjoyed for ten years. They will soon go away but I will have ten years of remembering them. Surely those memories will stay clear, too.

Music plays (flute, to be exact), the house is decorated and ready, a blueberry muffin sits on top of the special plate, the girls and I sing, and we walk in the dark room to say…

Happy Birthday, again, to my handsome little man. Happy Birthday to the one whose birth chased away sad feelings, if only for a day. Happy Birthday to the boy who is ALL boy. The one that challenges me, makes me laugh, surprises me, tires me, and above all else, makes me a better person on this earth.

In this moment I’m honored to have been chosen to be this boy’s Mom.

Happy Birthday to my son.