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The Language of the Soul

“Wow, you are beautiful just like me!”- Brooke
“Your porkchops are better than a treat. Can I have some more?”- Kenneth
“Mommy, you rock!.”- Morgan

Words carry with them such great meaning. They can build you up and make your soul soar or bring you lower than you ever thought possible.

Tonight was family fun night and it WAS full of fun. We played wii tennis and bowling and our house was full of all kinds of cheers, affirmations, and joy. Hearing and seeing my three enjoy time together was amazing. Being silly and laughing was just what I needed. As the days go on I seem to truly enjoy them more and more.

Then they asked if we could do it again tomorrow.  I replied, “Sure, you can do the same with your dad. It will be fun!” Kenneth said, “No, we mean as a family.” I explained that we are a family to which he replied, “No we’re not a whole family and it’s all your fault because you wouldn’t talk to daddy.”

OK. Family fun night over. The happiness and laughter ceased and my heart dropped. What’s a Mom to say to that? I just told them it was time to clean up and get ready for bed but inside my soul took a hit.

Sitting at the computer, I remembered the word enthralled. I know, seems random here, but this morning I was reminded that my Father is ENTHRALLED with my beauty. Yep. He just can’t get enough and I feel the same about him. He knows my soul language and what I need. He knows my deepest fears and hurts. He knows the truth.

He also knows the deepest hurts and fears of my children and speaks to their soul in their own unique language that only they can hear.  My prayer for them tonight came from a dear friend…

Please be the God of all comfort to a little boy who is confused and angry. May he and the girls learn at an early age that you are the One they can always depend on and trust, no matter what the world throws at them. I pray that any wounds the enemy of their souls’ tries to inflict, that you would send your angels to combat those plans and thwart all evil in and around Brooke and Morgan and Kenneth.

Lord, I ask this, because you are mightily able to do more than we could ever possibly ask or imagine, and because I’ve seen you do it so many times, that you would bring about amazing and miraculous wonders in and through their lives. May what the enemy intends for evil, God, we trust that you will turn for good, in your way and in your time.

I ask for special forces to surround those beautiful children in their comings and their goings, as they go in and as they go out. And I pray that the pain and the struggles in their young lives will serve only to strengthen and compound their love and knowledge of you. God, bring glory to your name through this circumstance and may everybody know that only you could do it. I ask in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

So now I go to bed… with sweet thoughts in my soul.

House of God

There are days that I wake up in awe of my Savior and I see everything through His eyes.  Days like that bring all the joy that’s inside me out. All seems right and there is a peace that wraps around me throughout the day.

There are other days that I wake up aware of my situation, my surroundings, my circumstances and the day becomes a chore. Days like that drone on and everyone and everything bothers me. Yesterday was a day like that. Nothing goes quite right. My emotions take over and although I continue to have joy inside… it’s WAY deep.

Fortunately today is different. Watching the sunrise and singing at the top of my lungs Rich Mullins’ lyrics… “Every house must have it’s builder and I awoke in the house of God.” There’s something about that song that gets me every time. It draws me out of my self and puts my focus on the ONE who created everything I see.

This morning I spotted a grasshopper that had jumped on my truck window. I talked to him all the way home. Funny… don’t ever remember talking to a bug before, but oh well. “We” enjoyed the ride home and I was reminded, once again, of God’s creativity. He has handcrafted every bug, animal, plant, person, body of water, etc. His prints are all over. This morning I noticed them in a grasshopper and a sunrise.

So for August 12, 2010 my joy overflows. I feel loved and adored by my Love… the one who sent a grasshopper to remind me of Him. :-)

A Great Place to Be

I literally woke up with one word on my mind this morning. The word is compassion.

Compassion. An easier word to define, than it is to live. Sure, it’s easy to have compassion for my children when they get hurt or someone hurts  them. The motherly instinct takes over. Same with a friend. Compassion shows up in our society in many ways. Some feel compassion in their hearts and some show their compassion by getting involved. It reminds me of the book, “Same Kind of Different As Me”. LOVED that book!

I tend to teeter between compassion and judgment. Hard to admit, but it’s true. Those that do not choose what I think is “right” tend to receive less compassion (and often judgment) than those that fail while following the “right” path. Right in my eyes. Driving by the homeless begging my mind would judge. If only they would do _____, then _____. Fortunately, God has confronted me in this area and this time (because of course my heart has heard it before) I am working to change it.

Change. Not an easy thing to do, and often painful, but must happen if there is to be growth. Those that know me (and if you’re reading this you probably do), know that I’m not a fan of change. But being content where I am is no longer an option. It’s time to do things differently. To see things differently. To love differently. To live life differently. AND to show compassion differently.

Compassion does not mean that I agree or condone what someone is or is not doing. It does mean that I allow them the respect and dignity to choose  their own path, but have compassion for where they are. Compassion for their pain. Compassion for their losses. Compassion for their reality. Compassion regardless of what I think they should do/be. I mean really, who am I to tell anyone how to live or what they should do? That is not my business.

Compassion is the vehicle to forgiveness. Without compassion forgiveness is almost impossible, or at least that’s how I see it. Both forgiveness and  compassion bring freedom. A freedom to let others have their journey as their own. Freedom to be who I want to be and become, all the while having compassion for others.

Of course this is the way my Love would have me live. A lesson that’s been a long time in coming and one I’m sure He’s hoping I finally learn. He only knows how many times it’s been brought to my attention. Glad He has compassion for me; otherwise, He may have given up on me a long time ago. So glad he didn’t.

So for today I’m choosing compassion. Compassion that will eventually lead me into forgiveness. And it’s a great place to be right now.