Second Chances

second-chanceThere’s something about giving someone a second chance… especially when they don’t deserve it. It’s basically grace in action. It seems to go against our human nature. We tend to want to protect ourselves, or maybe that’s just me. Sometimes I feel giving someone a second chance means the other person gets off “free”. And they do, in a way, but it also frees my heart.

There’s also something about being on the receiving end of getting a second chance. It could be one of the most humbling experiences as a human I’ve known. Knowing you royally messed up and the very one you hurt gives you a second chance. It’s like new life breathed in dark places.  Grace upon grace.  Something so undeserved, yet given. The best way to honor a second chance given is to learn from the first mistake so it’s not made again. Learning usually means pain for me. Probably because I can be a bit stubborn and it takes more for me to learn than most. One of these years I’m hoping to actually learn something the FIRST TIME. That would be nice, for a change.

Going into the Christmas season I’m reminded that my Savior not only gives me a second chance, but chances upon chances. His love never changes. I’ve just got to trust in Him. Trust his heart even when it feels scary. Choosing to react out of trust instead of reacting out of my pride. (Such a hard thing to do.)