…and then there are days….

There are some days I feel that if I had just stayed in bed the day would have been perfectly fine. But today I didn’t and the day wasn’t.

In all honesty, there are just some days that are not victorious. There are tears, frustrations, and irritation with others. Some days I keep my mouth shut and other days I wish I had.

Days, that despite my determination, head South; to a place that is not healthy or good. For some reason, days like this seem to drone on and bedtime is a welcomed end. Spreading out on the bed, under my cold sheets, protected from the world as I hug my teddy bear, I can ponder what went wrong.

As I close my eyes to the day, I thank God for what I do have and what did go right, even if it’s a tiny sliver of a moment. A hug from one of my children, pants that fit, or having chocolate when I needed it.