House of God

There are days that I wake up in awe of my Savior and I see everything through His eyes.  Days like that bring all the joy that’s inside me out. All seems right and there is a peace that wraps around me throughout the day.

There are other days that I wake up aware of my situation, my surroundings, my circumstances and the day becomes a chore. Days like that drone on and everyone and everything bothers me. Yesterday was a day like that. Nothing goes quite right. My emotions take over and although I continue to have joy inside… it’s WAY deep.

Fortunately today is different. Watching the sunrise and singing at the top of my lungs Rich Mullins’ lyrics… “Every house must have it’s builder and I awoke in the house of God.” There’s something about that song that gets me every time. It draws me out of my self and puts my focus on the ONE who created everything I see.

This morning I spotted a grasshopper that had jumped on my truck window. I talked to him all the way home. Funny… don’t ever remember talking to a bug before, but oh well. “We” enjoyed the ride home and I was reminded, once again, of God’s creativity. He has handcrafted every bug, animal, plant, person, body of water, etc. His prints are all over. This morning I noticed them in a grasshopper and a sunrise.

So for August 12, 2010 my joy overflows. I feel loved and adored by my Love… the one who sent a grasshopper to remind me of Him. :-)