In college my roommate, Jaree, and I seemed to always wear the same thing when we hung out in our apartment. We jokingly started calling it our uniform.

Once one uniform would get holes and basically disintegrate we’d move on to another uniform.

Funny how things stay the same. The black pants in the picture have been my uniform for YEARS. I think I got them before Morgan was born. The material is getting thin but I still wear them because they are so comfy.

I did get a new uniform (brown pants) recently and I was surprised that I like them as much as I do.  I didn’t realize the change would be so easy.

That also describes lots of things in my life. I tend to hold on to something way longer than I should because it’s comfortable… good or bad. I’m learning that sometimes it’s good just to let things go. The thing that replaces it may end up being better than the original. AND trying new things helps to keep life fun.